Iran - a key region for the industry

Logistics and transportation play an important role in economic activities of countries, as well as sustainable
development, especially in developing countries. Due to the economic development and world trade and the
efforts of countries to increase access to world markets, transportation has a special status as one of the key
issues in the development of communications and political, cultural and commercial cooperation. In this regard,
Iran has a strategic position as the most important trade route between Asia and Europe along the North-South
Transport Corridor. Therefore with governmental support, we can play a significant role to facilitate international
activities and provide good conditions for the cooperation of logistics companies with hubs of economic and
commercial activities in the world.

North-South Transport Corridor
North-South Transport Corridor is one of the major transit routes in Central Asia, and the countries on this
path develop and equip their ports, roads, terminals and railways by forming a union and concluding
cooperation agreements in a comprehensive competition, which comparing to traditional routes, it is
40% shorter in terms of distance and time and is 30% cheaper in terms of cost.
Considering this important fact and prosperity of the regional markets and the need for increasing
commercial capacity, improving the infrastructure and increasing the level of this corridor, it still requires
more investment and effort.

Founders and members
The North-South International Transport Corridor was established on September 12, 2000 in St. Petersburg
by three countries, Iran, Russia and India, in order to promote transport cooperation between the members.
This corridor connects the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf through Iran to the Caspian Sea, then through
Russia to St. Petersburg and northern Europe. Now this corridor is expanded with the acceptance of ten new
members: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Oman and
Syria, as well as Bulgaria as an observer member of the corridor. The Islamic Republic of Iran is also
designated as the trustworthy country, which is responsible for informing the contracting parties of accession
of other countries to this agreement or the resignation of each of the parties.






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