Visitor Information

IRAN LOGISTICS was founded in 2010 and is held every year at the Tehran International Fairground.

IRAN LOGISTICS is an excellent platform for the logistics industry.

IRAN LOGISTICS 2019 will cover  a total floor area of almost 20,000 sqm space.


The objectives of the exhibition:

  • Introduction of logislies and transportation industry capabilities in knowledge
    generation and production in line with Resistive Economy

  • Identification of the potential of logistics and supply chain management,
    transportation industry, equipment and related services, and appropriate
    utilization of existing capacity and facilitating productivity, employment and entrepreneurship

  • Establishing and improving the export approach of non-oil products to other
    countries, especially the eastern and northern neighbors through the corridor

  • Bringing tagether the network of logislies activists and presenting the latest
    achievements and technology of the world in the transportation industry,
    equipment and related services

  • Extensive use of advertisement to increase reputation and introduction of
    participants with the opportunity to conclude contracts, development of economic
    activities of domestic and foreign participants

  • Active and dynamic information through holding conferences, meetings and seminars
    related to the field of logistics, supply chain and transportation industry and business network.

  • Dynamic engagement and collaboration with prestigious universities and reference
    organizations and knowledge-based institutions at the national and international Ieveis

  • Helping the development and establishment of a business network in Iran and other countries of the region




Corresponding to the markets needs IRAN LOGISTICS will take place annually.

IRAN LOGISTICS looks forward to welcoming you in February 2019